Carbon shift paddle extension fits Audi A5 S5 RS5 8T 8F A6 S6 RS6 4G A8 S8 4E *Variant 1*

Shift paddle extensions made of real carbon, which have been sealed with several layers of UV-resistant clear lacquer. It is not a simple carbon optics (e.g. water transfer or foil) but a high-quality and exclusive real carbon.

The extensions give you more contact surface (upwards and downwards) and are easier to reach with your fingers than the factory-fitted pushbuttons.

to note:

  • Variants 1 and 2 are optically identical, but different in their fit. Which variant fits which vehicle is listed in the table "Compatibility".
  • The indication "MY" (model year) does not refer to the year of manufacture. For example, MJ 2013 may have been delivered from 2012 onwards! (In case of doubt better ask)

The Assembly is done with 3M special adhesive tape included in the package, which guarantees permanent and secure fastening. Of course, you have the option of removing the shift paddle extensions at any time without leaving any residue (important for leasing vehicles). Delivery without push button and steering wheel.

Variant 1:
Audi A3 S3 RS3 Type 8P 8PA / MY ´03-´12 (not Type 8V)
Audi A4 S4 RS4 Type 8K B8 / MY ´08-´12
Audi A5 S5 RS5 Type 8T 8F / MY ´07-´11
Audi A6 S6 RS6 Type 4F C6 / MY ´04-´11 (not Type 4G)
Audi A8 S8 Type 4E D3 / MY ´02-´10 (not Type 4H)
Audi Q5 Type 8R / MY ´08-´12
Audi Q7 Type 4L / MY ´05-´11
Audi R8 Type 42 / MY ´07-´12 (not Facelift ´13+ / Type 4S)
Audi TT TTS TTRS Type 8J / MY ´06-´14 (not Type 8S)
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Variant 2:
Audi A1 S1 Type 8X / MY ´11+
Audi A3 S3* Type 8V / MY ´13-´16 (not Facelift ´17+)
Audi A4 S4* RS4* Type 8K B8 / MY ´13-´15 (not Type 8W B9)
Audi A5 S5* RS5* Type 8T 8F / MY ´12-´16 (not Type F5)
Audi A6 S6* RS6* Type 4G C7 / MY ´11-´18 (not Type C8)
Audi A7 S7* RS7* Type C7 / MY ´10-´17 (not Type C8)
Audi A8 S8 Type 4H D4 / MY ´10-´17 (not Type 4N D5)
Audi Q3 RSQ3* Type 8U / MY 11+
Audi Q5 SQ5* Type 8R / MY ´13-´16 (not Type FY)
Audi Q7 Typ 4L / MY ´12-´15 (not Type 4M)
* → not suitable for S/RS sport paddles (see picture)
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Article-ID: 10359

EAN: 4251330200141

Weight: 118g

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